HVAC Technology, Expertise & Teamwork

At SCR we are always on the lookout for technological innovations that provide higher quality of service, gains in energy efficiency, and greater control over all environmental parameters. Before adopting a new technology, we ensure that it has been thoroughly tested and proven in real-world situations. With a staff of 18 field technicians, 4 project managers, and an office manager, we have a well-educated, highly competent team that knows how to coordinate all of the myriad tasks involved in every phase of a project.

Our field technicians have extensive experience in all of our service areas and we strategically match individual components of the project with the best talent and expertise. As a result, we achieve consistent and exceptional quality throughout the design, fabrication and installation phases. As the project moves from the technicians handling field measurement to the fabricators and then to the installers, each team reviews the specifications to ensure that quality control is integrated into the entire process rather than added on as an afterthought.