Reduce Costs With Our Technological Innovations

SCR offers newer technologies and product innovations that will realize substantial savings in energy costs while reducing the environmental footprint of your company or organization. We feature Hill Phoenix products that are renowned for their reliability and integration of these energy efficient, 'green' technologies.

Hill PHOENIX Second Nature Cases

Hill Phoenix's Second Nature refrigeration technology replaces R404-A, a halogenated fluorocarbon and greenhouse gas producer, with a 35% aqueous propylene glycol fluid, a secondary fluid that does not produce greenhouse emissions, as a primary refrigerant. Ongoing savings that result from the elimination of refrigerant circulating between the display cases in the store and the mechanical room, as well as the elimination of leaks, are significant. The entire system delivers energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and higher quality of service.

Coolgenix: New Technologies from Hill PHOENIX

We are proud to offer the Coolgenix line of Hill PHOENIX refrigerated display cases that bring significant advantages in performance, energy savings, and labor savings. Traditional cases that use convection heat transfer have adverse effect on food products such as meat.

Evaporation that results from air flow in convection cases results in product drying, diminished weight, and early product loss, as well as unwanted side effects, such as condensation and frost build-up. By using conduction heat transfer, Coolgenix cases preserve product freshness while virtually eliminating weight loss. The pulse-flow technology cycles temperatures in the case and retains optimal levels of humidity. This also means that the Coolgenix case is perfectly suited for storage as well as display.

Display cases can be left stocked overnight and easily prepared for business in the morning. Labor savings in loading and unloading cases are a tremendous value. The secondary cooling system in Coolgenix systems provides improved product quality with less refrigerant charge, shorter pipeline runs, and lower pressure systems.

With increased consumer focus on the environment, the reduced impact of these cases has become a significant benefit.

LED Lighting

Hill Phoenix cases also come with a range of LED lighting systems, including GE GELcore and Stylmark lights. The GELcore refrigerated display lights improve product visibility, reduce energy costs, require less maintenance, and are more robust. Their dimming capability and on/off cycling enables light shedding for specific times or location. For example, by shedding 30% of the light between 11 pm and 7 am, a 24 hour store can realize 10% light system energy savings. Depending on the operating cycle, a GELcore Display Light has a life of 6-10 years.

The Stylmark door case lights integrate drivers (ballasts) in the munions. Their superior heat sinking allows them to run much cooler than other LEDs. Their Luxeon, high-brightness LEDs and multi-faceted contoured reflectors provide more uniform illumination while saving 58% in light energy costs, and 8% refrigeration energy costs. They have significant safety advantages over other lighting systems since they run at 24 volts, contain no mercury, and do not radiate UV rays. With a 24 hour run time, they have an approximately six year life. This can be doubled with the use of dimming drivers. The Stylmark lights come with a 5 year warranty on parts and a 15 month warranty on labor.

Hill Phoenix also offers other LED products for specialized applications and product configurations contact us for more information.